In case of apocolypse, arm yourself at the nearest university police department

Who knew? Several Colorado universities feature gun-storage lockers for students who want to bare arms but can't keep their arsenal on their hip or in their dorm room. From today's Denver Post:

On any given day, there may be up to 50 rifles with scopes, shotguns, handguns and long knives stored at CSU, the University of Northern Colorado and the University of Colorado at Boulder.

Stashed alongside are ninja swords, paintball guns and an occasional martial-arts nunchuck or crossbow.

The lockers are generally stored in the school police departments, and students who want to go on shooting rampages hunting need to check out the weapons with a claim check. Presumably police will ask some questions if the student's face is smeared in his own blood and he's muttering about "that bitch in my econ class."

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