Is "ILVGINA" just as smutty as "ILVTOFU"?

During one of many torrential downpours last weekend, I was driving north on I-25 near Belleview Avenue when a Dodge Ram pickup sped by me and spayed my car with a ton of water. Once my wipers had done their job, I took a closer look at the truck, noticing a Marine Corps sticker on its back window and a Colorado license plate that read "ILVGINA."

My mind has been in the gutter for the last few decades -- so, to me, the licence immediately read: "I Love Vagina." Which made me wonder: How did the DMV let this one slip by, especially after making such a fuss about the infamous ILVTOFU license plate -- a message that supposedly conveyed a love of tofu, not FU.

Then came the quest to get a photo the license plate.

I stepped on the gas, started hauling ass, caught up with the truck and tried taking a photo during a high speed pursuit while the rain came down hard. My windshield wipers and the rain kept getting in the way of a decent shot, but fortunately, the guy exited on Hampden and I was able to snap a clear shot of the plate. As I kept looking at it, I finally recognized the less hardcore message: "I Love Gina." And hey, maybe the guy does love Gina. Maybe he loves vagina too.

In any case, you gotta give him props for either being genuine to his sweetheart or clever enough to pull a fast one on the DMV.

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