Isaias Villa Busted for Sex Assault on 14-Year-Old He Pretended Never Happened

When the fourteen-year-old girl woke up unclothed in bed with Isaias Villa, twenty, he insisted that he'd taken care of her — not taken advantage.

His DNA told a different story.

Villa has now been charged with sexual assault against the teen — although it took nearly a decade to make the case.

Law enforcement's version of the story is told in an affidavit on view below in its entirety.

And a sordid story it is — one marked by drunkenness and a powdery substance that was identified to the girl as cocaine, though it may have been something else entirely.

At around 4:15 p.m. on August 7, 2006, according to the police report, an officer was dispatched to Good Samaritan Hospital in Lafayette to talk with the fourteen-year-old.

The girl was thought to be a possible sexual-assault victim, but she was initially uncooperative.

When she was finally cajoled into talking, she said that two days earlier, on August 5, she and a friend went to a party. But after consuming just one cup of beer, she got a call from Villa, who said he was on the way to pick her up.

Nicknamed "Eazy," Villa was known to the girl; he'd previously sold her marijuana and cocaine. Still, her friend tried to convince her not to leave with him.

Unfortunately for the teen, she didn't listen.

The girl and Villa headed to another bash, this one located in the area of 32nd and Vallejo. The teen was the only female at the gathering, along with eight or nine males in the seventeen- to nineteen-year-old range.

There, she told the police officer, she had "a lot to drink," including Patron tequila and Bacardi rum, as well as unspecified types of vodka, brandy and beer. 

During a subsequent interview earlier this year, she added that she did "three lines of a white powder that [she] believed was cocaine," a substance with which she had experience despite her young age. But after she snorted it, she blacked out — something that had never happened to her before after indulging in coke.

Next thing she knew, the girl woke up in Villa's bed. She was wearing only her bra and underwear, while he was fully clothed. He maintained that he had carried her from the party to his car because she was so drunk and took her to his home, where she'd taken off her own clothes after saying she was hot.

At that point, she went back to sleep, and when she awoke, Villa took her home. But she had a nagging suspicion that something had happened that she didn't remember, in part because "her right hip and upper arms were hurting," the document states.

The results from a sexual-assault kit confirmed that. The analysis found sperm and other DNA sources. But the girl and her mother never showed up for a meeting with the sex-crimes unit as requested, causing the matter to go into suspended animation.

It came back to life in November 2015, when the kit scored a DNA hit with Villa, described as a "Colorado offender."

This past February, an officer tracked down the now-adult victim, who was more cooperative this time around. She confirmed that she'd never had consensual sex with Villa, whom she referred to as a "homeboy" rather than a boyfriend, and identified his photo.

Finding Villa wasn't tough: He was residing in Denver County Jail on "unrelated charges." He claimed that he'd gone out with the girl for a year or so, during which they'd had sex numerous times. However, he thought she was eighteen, he said. When told she was just fourteen at the time of the August 2006 incident, he's quoted as replying, "I thought she was older."

The Denver District Attorney's Office has charged Villa with two counts of sexual assault. His arrest is the 116th filing in the DA's cold-case project.

Look below to see a larger version of Villa's booking photo, followed by the affidavit.

Isaias Villa Affidavit

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