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Jacqueline Miller is suburban superhero Sheridan She-Cager: Kenny Be's HipTip

Sheridan She-Cager Real name: Jacqueline Miller; Occupation: Violence vendor; Suburb of operations: Sheridan; Hair: Fluffed; Eyes: On the prize

Suburban superhero skills: Sheridan She-Cager is a proud mother who possesses the superhuman ability to control masculine energy, which she utilizes to make money by exploiting police brutality with cold beer in her 'burb's biggest sports bar...

Raised by a family of Denver Firefighters and married to a Sheridan Cop, She-Cager absorbs masculine energy from her environment, and then releases it once a month at Red & Jerry's Event Center. At present, she works to assist her husband Greg Miller, a sergeant with the Sheridan Police Department, to promote and market Xtreme Cage Wars as "BeatDowns" between members of municipal police and fire departments.

By marketing the masculine energy that swirls around Sheridan, She-Cager is able to control the natural competitiveness that exists between firefighters and police, and profit by taking advantage of their desire to beat the shit out of each other. Although cops and firefighters spend a disproportionate amount of time discouraging alcoholic brawls amongst the residents of this tiny, but tough little town, Sheridan She-Cager feels that there is no "better way to bring the family all together than a "good ole boys Cage fight."

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.