JaMarcus another reason not to overrate Broncos D

All the hosannas about the Broncos' improved defense are mondo premature due to the fact that the D gave up what should have been the winning score during crunch time at Cincinnati during week one and dominated an utterly inept Cleveland Browns squad on Sunday. And the next opponent? The Oakland Raiders, whose offense is also highly suspect due to the play of quarterback JaMarcus Russell. He was an astonishing 7 of 24 on Sunday, in a game against the Kansas City Chiefs that the Raiders won in spite of him -- and while the Silver and Black were competitive against the San Diego Chargers, Russell proved mighty erratic, as the highlights-and-sometimes-lowlights footage above demonstrates. Commentator Mike Golic has it right when he says at one point, "His issue is accuracy... He's got the gun arm. He can throw it eighty yards. But it's accuracy that's killing him right now. He's not throwing it to the wrong team. He's just throwing it... nowhere."

If that's the case again, the Broncos have a reasonable chance to return from the Black Hole 3-0. But we still won't have any idea how good the D actually is until the Cowboys come to town.

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