Aurora Theater Shooting

James Holmes's musician sister has song called "Walking on Death Row"

The face is pretty unmistakable: The features look strikingly similar to the now iconic visage that's been burned into our collective consciousness over the past ten days. But this face doesn't belong to the person alleged to have shot seventy people at an Aurora movie theater just after midnight on July 20. This one belongs to a promising San Diego-based singer/songwriter named Chris Holmes, who just happens to share a surname -- and a gene pool -- with a suspected mass murderer: James Holmes, who'll be back in Arapahoe County District Court this morning.

Holmes's semi-reclusive life included seemingly zero social media presence -- he's conspicuously absent online, with the exception of reported pages on dating and sex sites. But his sister Chris, five years his junior, is not. Reportedly a student at San Diego State University, she has a notable online presence, including a still-active Facebook page dedicated to her music.

Chris still has some songs and videos floating around online, including one tune with a title that seems especially poignant in light of the horrific events that have transpired recently. While the song appears to have been posted at least a couple years ago, "Walking on Death Row" seems eerily prescient, and the words are chilling. Visit our Backbeat blog to hear a snippet of the song.

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Dave Herrera
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