Jason Ross
Jason Ross

Jason Ross, truck driver heading wrong way on I-70, kills 71-year-old man, injures two others

A little after 8 p.m. last night, Jason Ross of St. Louis drove his roughly 35 ton semi truck onto I-70 in eastern Colorado heading in the wrong direction. He may have been drunk and he definitely didn't have his headlights on. Near the exit for Cedar Point, Colorado, he crested a hill and hit a Buick sedan. The driver, 71-year-old Martin Hernadez, died of his injuries.

Martinez's wife is currently in the hospital and his 9-year-old granddaughter was treated and released last night. Ross sustained minor injuries and is currently sitting in jail in Elbert for suspicion of drunken driving, vehicular homicide and vehicular assault.

A Limon police officer tried to get Ross to pull over before the crash by flashing his lights and shining a spotlight at the truck. Ross didn't stop, obviously. He made it at least nine miles in the wrong direction. The police are currently working on a statement about the incident -- we'll update with more information if they have anything new.

The crash occurred between mile markers 347 and 348 on I-70, somewhere in the marked area below.

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