Jeff Peckman's Extraterrestrial Affairs Commission campaign takes off -- and how -- with on a hip-hop "Pink UFO"

Denver's already got a reputation as the cannabis capital of the country. But Jeff Peckman is setting his sights much higher: He wants to create a seven-member Extraterrestrial Affairs Commission for the city. And his campaign is taking off this week.

Last night, Peckman held Extra's official "Welcome to Earth" campaign launch at the Jefferson County Fairgrounds, after a series of media appearances (including a visit to Westword). The night before, he got a boost from Chris Steele, who introduced the campaign's hip-hop theme song, "Pink UFO," during a concert by Calm at the Bluebird Theater.

Denverites will vote on whether to create the commission during the August primary, which could be a hot election, with several contested seats. But Peckman isn't expecting politicians to pay much attention to his issue: "They're totally out of the loop," he says. Instead, he's taking his campaign to the people, educating them on why we need a commission . Among other reasons, he wants us to take advantage of new energy technologies and "the cancer-curing technology from UFOs."

In the meantime, should we encounter an extraterrestrial, how should we greet them? "That's a question that needs to be asked," Peckman says.

Maybe with a Welcome to Earth concert, which will help propel the campaign in the coming months, making the "Pink UFO" lyrics a common refrain. Read them below -- and then watch a clip of Steele dropping knowledge (after a commercial break):

To politicians

We're come'n atcha with a Pink UFO

Cuz you think we don't know, that we're really not alone

And about the

The cancer cure

You been hide'n for years

You don't care about the people

losing money is your fear

People die, children cry, when governments lie

We all know there's UFOs in the sky

Pink UFO, Pink UFO

What truth do you know?

What do you know?

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