Jersey Cops Are Seriously Angry About Trey Brasher's LSD-Laced Gummy Bears

Even the experts at Schmuck of the Week headquarters find it challenging to figure out who's the schmuck in certain situations.

Example: The case of Boulder's Trey Brasher.

The 21-year-old has been arrested for, among other things, mailing gummy bears infused with LSD to New Jersey.

How big of a deal was his (to use a legal term) enterprise? Hard to tell, since a spokesman for the Egg Harbor Township Police Department in Jersey declined to tell us how many gummies and the like Brasher had shipped to the Garden State, and to how many people, citing the ongoing investigation. And Sergeant Jeff Kessler of the Boulder County Drug Task Force, which took part in the operation in Colorado, is limited in what he can say for the same reasons.

But the Egg Harbor force is definitely treating Brasher like a major drug dealer, as opposed to a club kid who got a little too enthusiastic about sharing his stash, paying big bucks to extradite him across the country to face charges.

And it's not just Egg Harbor's resources that are being utilized. An EHTPD release notes that the department's detectives worked with the Atlantic City Task Force, the New Jersey State Police and the Atlantic Country Prosecutor's Office, in addition to the Boulder County Drug Task Force.

Brasher, whose Facebook page is loaded with posts about Flume, Shpongle, STS9 and other jammy or EDM-friendly acts, allegedly shipped "LSD and other drugs from Colorado to various locations in New Jersey," prompting a joint operation that involved the task force executing a search warrant on his Boulder residence.

Inside, police are said to have recovered "LSD and LSD-laced gummy bears and chocolates, suspected MDMA (Ecstasy), Methamphetamine and psychedelic mushrooms."

As a result, Brasher was busted and installed in Boulder County Jail on $75,000 bail. But there was no need for him to get too comfortable. The EHTPD's plan involved extraditing him to New Jersey "to face charges for first-degree distribution of a controlled dangerous substance, namely LSD."

Transporting Brasher to Egg Harbor won't be cheap, adding even more cost to the law-enforcement expenditures to date.

Is this a schmucky decision? Or is it the right way to deal with a schmuck like Brasher? You be the judge.

Here's a look at Brasher's booking photo.

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