Jihad Jamie a boon to Leadville tourism: Kenny Be's Worst-Case Scenario

Since her compelling story touches on all of America's hot-button issues, from giving birth to an illegal immigrant's son to on-line Al-Qaeda chats, Terrorist Mom could really be an economic boon to this tiny mountain town... Inspired by Jihad Jamie Paulin-Ramirez's love of wearing Islamic dress to her son's soccer games, a new line of Leadville-themed hijabs would help boost western apparel sales for tourists and visitors alike. Look below for more jihad! "Jihad Jamie," as seen in the illustration above, is yet another bigger-than-life Leadville character who could easily be written into a summertime Tabor Opera House melodrama alongside Oscar Wilde, Baby Doe, Horace Tabor and Najibullah Zazai. Instead of hassling with international travel in order to push her cartoonist killing re-education agenda, Terror Mom could help Leadville's economy by opening a Naropa-style institute called "Jihad Jamie's School of Cartooning and Islamic Humor." Just imagine the great bumper sticks that would be for sale in all of the Cloud City Souvenir Shops!
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Kenny Be
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