Jimmer Fredette: Meet Whitney Wonnacott, BYU star's web-fave girlfriend & Chatfield grad

BYU's Jimmer Fredette has become a bona fide b-ball star -- which means photos of cheerleader-girlfriend Whitney Wonnacott have started popping up on sites such as Frathouse Sports and The Big Lead. Find photo examples below.

But what these posts don't mention is that Wonnacott is a local girl, having graduated from Chatfield High School. Do you think she could talk him into coming to the Nuggets?

Wonnacott's already lured Fredette to the Denver area at least once. When my twin daughters, who attend Chatfield, scored an invite to a certain graduation party last May, and upon their arrival, they were beyond thrilled to discover that Fredette was on hand. Turns out Wonnacott was a friend of the party's focus and brought Jimmer along as a kind of graduation gift.

My daughters report that Fredette was a terrific guy, and while he might not be able to make us forget about Carmelo Anthony, his presence in Nugs powder blues could certainly ease the pain a bit of he heads to the Knicks in a week or so, as expected. We're counting on you, Whitney! Don't let him sign with the Utah Jazz!

Check out photos of Wonnacott, Fredette and friends below:

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