Job creation is the goal of the State Fair Job Fair: Kenny Be's Worst-Case Scenario

Slight changes to the scheduled attractions at the annual Colorado State Fair in Pueblo could transform the dated farm show into a much needed economy-boosting job fair...

Big experience, extreme references and speed résumé would be the three main events at the State Fair Job Fair Olympics. As seen in the illustration above, job seekers of all shapes and sizes would compete to show just how far (and high) they'd jump to get a job. Page down to see the scheduled entertainment that would make the job hunt fun for the whole family... As seen above,

Bixby's Career Rescue Stage Show

would help State Fair audiences understand the economic principles behind job creation through the use of magic, puppetry, vibrant musical numbers and audience participation. His "New Realities" grand finale number is sure to be sung by kids of all ages for years to come.

Look below to see how the State Fair Job Fair rewards the work ethic...

Low-performing workers who have been selected by disgruntled supervisors, will battle it out with unemployed multi-taskers in a job-jacking competition that determines who can provide the most skill for the least pay.

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