Vote for Floyd!

Joe Biden sends his love to ex-Bronco Floyd Little

One of the best Denver moments from Thursday night’s Democratic National Convention was the opening of vice-presidential candidate Joe Biden’s speech.

"Ladies and gentlemen I always dreamed I would stand in this place,” he said to some laughs and comments from the audience (in Mile High Stadium?). “But I was hoping I would be standing next to my friend Floyd Little, who played for the Denver Broncos.”

It was a nice shout-out to Denver, and a comment that only longtime Denver Broncos fans likely understood since Number 44 was drafted by the team way back in 1967 and retired in 1975 (along the way becoming one of the best running backs of his era).

But the former Bronco does have his name in the stadium’s Ring of Fame, which wasn’t covered up as some of the usual advertisements were during the big night.

So, are Biden and Little really friends?

I guess we’ll have to wait for the Obama administration to find out. – Jonathan Shikes

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