John Elway: Future Broncos head coach or armchair quarterback?

Now that Denver Broncos management has given Josh McDaniels the heave-ho, the orange hordes are laying odds on the chances of the team's most celebrated quarterback returning to the team as head coach. John Elway, back with the team? It's a tempting prospect. But first you'll have to pry him loose from that double-wide leather recliner on sale at Costco.

Among his many other business ventures over the years -- car dealerships, arena football, steak joints -- Elway has his own line of fine furniture by Bassett, from rocker-recliners to home theater seating. The leather recliners started hitting Costco stores on the West Coast last winter, a development crisply reported on Elway's Facebook page:

"You have to go check out my new Elway Home line of recliners in Costco," the Hall of Famer wrote. "We just tested them in the CA Bay Area and throughout the North East. They sold out within 10 days."

Yes, fans, they're now available in Denver area Costcos, right next to a disturbing midget chair known as a "child's recliner." (Up next: La-Z-Boys for lazy boys.) And demand could shoot through the roof if Number 7 becomes a new Broncos' new leader. Imagine sitting in your Elway while watching your Elway ripping off his headset to bark at some sleep-deprived, one-eyed ref who totally blew the call!

A web of outside business interests isn't necessarily an impediment to a successful NFL coaching career, of course. Mike Shanahan did just fine selling Trice Jewelers and play-action fakes, grilling slabs of meat and Brandon Marshall at the same time. Given the unfortunate turn of Elway's investments with Ponzi schemer Sean Mueller, he's probably motivated to work more than one job at once.

How likely is it that the hometown hero would return to run the team? I wouldn't stand around waiting for a miracle, but I might park myself in an Elway and see what shakes out.

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