John Hickenlooper-love spirals for students: Kenny Be's back-to school supplies

Largely based on Public Policy Polling's results revealing John Hickenlooper's approval rating as third best in the nation, Hickenlooper Lovers is a novelty line starring the Colorado Governor as an anime character featured on notebooks, folders and backpacks... Hickenlooper Lovers was inspired by Gwen Stefani's popular Harajuku Lovers brand of apparel, fashion accessories and stationery launched in 2005. Created to spread the popularity of the mediocre brewer turned moderate governor, Hickenlooper Lovers is an extension of John's politics, as many of the products allude to the messages and themes of his campaign speeches and press conferences.

All of the Hickenlooper Lovers back-to-school supplies for 2011 feature the tag line, "A fatal attraction to political cuteness." A Hickenlooper Lovers fragrance collection was also introduced. The scent reflects John's personality. It has malty musk notes with a touch of fruity fun.

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