John Hickenlooper: Scott Gessler may be intimidating Colorado voters

Governor John Hickenlooper joined the Obama campaign yesterday to rally voters to support the president.

In addition to expressing his worries about a possible Mitt Romney presidency, the governor told us he is also concerned that another Republican official, Secretary of State Scott Gessler, may be intimidating some Colorado residents who can and should be voting.

Hickenlooper and State Representative Crisanta Duran rallied supporters in the Obama campaign's 9th Avenue field office in Denver a week after the president's shaky debate performance against Mitt Romney at the University of Denver and the day before today's deadline for Coloradans to register to vote.

Gessler, who has battled accusations of voter intimidation and suppression, first came up in Duran's speech, when she introduced Hickenlooper.

"What we have seen in Colorado and across the country is an effort to make it more difficult for legally registered voters to have access to the ballots," Duran told a crowd of Obama volunteers. "We've seen Secretary Gessler put in last-minute rules and changes to affect this election.... We know that we need to take the light of democracy to every neighborhood in Denver and every neighborhood in Colorado to give people the right to make sure...that they have their voice heard in this very important election."

The governor did not mention Gessler in his speech, which was mostly focused on Obama's compassion as an individual. But we followed up with him after, asking if voter suppression in the state was a concern for him.

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