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Josh McDaniels F-bombs and the history of motivational rhetoric

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We'll leave it to the shrinks and pundits to try to figure out which Broncos team is going to show up in Kansas City next week. Will it be the upstarts who shocked just about everybody for six games? The head cases who fell flat against the Redskins and were absolutely impotent against the Chargers last week? Or will it be the rabidly hungry team that showed up last night and thumped the Giants by playing their best all-around game of the year?

In between all that intensity that transformed NoShow Moreno into a legitimate rookie running star and proved that Brandon Marshall could still spear a high one with one glove, like Matt Holliday on steroids, there were a few uncomfortable moments. A sack on the opening drive, an Orton interception, some dumb penalties. Fortunately, though, Josh McDaniels was eager to get the troops back on track with a few well-chosen, profane and inspirational words--some of them aired for a national audience by the obliging TV crew.

The NFL network has been criticized in some quarters for unleashing McDaniels' tirade on the tender, shell-like ears of American's children. That was regrettable, but it's important to realize that the coach was merely indulging in a long national tradition of salty motivational rhetoric. Often the stuff is expurgated beyond recognition so that it can be presented to schoolchildren. But the sagacious use of good old-fashioned American expletives, issued in the heat of passion to inspire and underscore, goes back to the early days of our nation.

Here, for example, are five famous exhortations by five great men, presented here in their original form, before the prudey-pants textbook authors edited the shit out of them:

1. "I only regret that I have but one fucking life to lose for my motherfucking country, you miserable fucks." - Nathan Hale

2. "Fuck me. Mr. Watson, you cocksucker, come here, I want you!" - Alexander Graham Bell

3. "Let every candyass nation know, whether it wishes to lick our balls or fuck us in the ass, that we will pay any goddam price, bear any fucking burden, meet any sonofabitch hardship, support any douchebag friend, oppose any piece-of-shit cocksucking foe to assure the survival and success of motherfucking liberty." - John F. Kennedy

4. "I have a motherfucking dream that one day on the red hills of shithole Georgia the sons of former ass-whupped slaves and the sonofabitch sons of former asshole slave owners will be to be able to sit down together at the table of brotherhood and kick ass together." - Martin Luther King

5."That's one fucked-up step for a man, one giant motherfucking leap for shit-for-brains mankind." - Neil Armstrong

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.


Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.