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Josh McDaniels likely to be left in London, 'cause Broncos coach is toast, says ESPN's PTI

Our top ten list of the ways Josh McDaniels has destroyed the Broncos wasn't meant to be funny.

But somehow, Coach McD has become a national laughingstock following Denver's 59-14 loss to the hated Raiders, with ESPN's Tony Kornheiser and Michael Wilbon piling on during yesterday's edition of Pardon the Interruption.

Among the toss-up questions Kornheiser and Wilbon considered was the matter of who's most likely to be left behind in London after the upcoming matchup between the Broncos and San Francisco, McDaniels or embattled 49ers skipper Mike Singletary.

Kornheiser's response? Both of them had better have their passports handy, because neither of them will have a head coaching job next year. In his opinion, McDaniels has "the stink of Jim Zorn" on him -- a reference to the former Redskins coach recently replaced by ex-Broncos legend Mike Shanahan, whose sacking led to McDaniels's hiring -- thanks to a fast start last season, followed by a humiliating dive to the barrel's bottom.

Wilbon wasn't much more positive about Singletary; he described him as a great motivator whose speeches are clearly falling on deaf ears at this point. Nonetheless, Wilbon suggested that McDaniels and Singletary book a table at Harrods -- isn't that a department store? -- and stay there. Of the two, McDaniels is in more trouble, Wilbon added.

From your lips to Pat Bowlen's ear, pal.

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