Josh McDaniels "Not My Coach" t-shirts hot item at Broncos' debacle vs. Rams (PHOTO)

Even before the Broncos' 36-33 loss to the St. Louis Rams yesterday, it was clear the video scandal that led to the fining of Coach Josh McDaniels had turned the tide of opinion even more decisively against the young hire.

As proof, check out a photo by Westword's Nick Lucchesi of a vendor peddling "Not My Coach" t-shirts outside Invesco Field.

The shirts were going for $15 each or two for $25 -- and for those who didn't get a chance to pick one up, they're also available (without the volume discount) at

Even stronger sentiments can be found at another website,, whose author reached this conclusion after the Rams game:

This was another bad week in a season filled with them for Denver. In the last 7 calendar days, the Broncos are 0-2, have given up 71 points (100 points in the last three weeks), and had a very embarrassing scandal surface. Things seem to be spiraling out of control for the Broncos. McDaniels has taken a very promising team that needed some help on the defensive side of the ball and turned it into a rudderless ship and a complete laughingstock.

It's time for the Josh McDaniels era to come to a close.

By my estimate, there are quite a few people out there who feel the same way...

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