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Josh McDaniels: Top 10 reasons Broncos fans want Coach McD to be fired

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Broncos owner Pat Bowlen's lukewarm statement about Josh McDaniels's future as the team's coach has done nothing to temper the calls for McD's firing. What with embarrassing losses and video scandals, Broncos boosters are flat-out angry, and it's hard to believe a random win or two as the season dribbles out will turn down the heat. For proof, page down below to check out our top 10 list of comments from fans who are mad as hell and don't want to take it anymore, as well as a special bonus: an animated video declaring McDaniels the NFL's worst coach. No. 10

Well they got what they deserved when they Hired McDaniels. The Broncos only needed a little tinkering from the new coach. Shanahan put together a good team, it just needed a little tweeking. Instead we have an idiot trading off great players for half good ones.Until McDaniels is gone (and that won't happen for 2 more years) The Broncos will be the laughing stock of the NFL. -- rocket387 Source: Colorado Springs Gazette

No. 9

Seriously! JOHN GRUDEN is the right person to turn this thing around. The Kool Aid is officially gone and if he has any integrity at all he will quit. When he took the job he promised that we could judge him on his win-loss record. When he shipped out the #3 ranked offense he said judge me on my win-loss record. It is officially time to evaluate his performance and send him packing like he has done to so many good Broncos. -- 2010oc Source: Mile High Report

No. 8

If this were the first time that McDaniels has been accused of lying. If it were, fans would probably cut him some slack. Instead, he has been repeatedly been accused of lying. The fans do not buy his version of the facts. The problem is that Bowlen lost money two years ago in the meltdown. The Broncos borrowed by selling "auction-rate securities" in order to save about ten basis points. When things blew up, they were paying many hundreds if not thousands of basis points extra. They are paying Shanahan. They should have hired a real GM who who would have hired a real coach. To save money, they hired McDaniels and gave him most of the GM's responsibilities. If they fire McDaniels, they'll have to hire a new coach, and should replace the GM. I don't see Bowlen paying that much. -- chartguy Source: CBS4

No. 7

Shame, Shame. What is Josh McDaniel doing? It is obvious that their is no team "chemistry". If Sam Bradword can start as the quarterback for the Rams, why can Tim Tebow not start for the Broncos. After watching him at the college level it is obvious to me that he could lead the Broncos to their winniIngways. If this was to happen I think the team would repond better. I think it's time for a change in the coaching staff (namely the head coach position). I still believe in the franchise and will continue to "root' for them even though the season is shot to "HELL". -- John Source: Bronco Talk

No. 6

Im embarrassed by the coach and owner for trading away Cutler, Marshall, Hillis, Scheffler and most of all Shanahan. Tell me those names dont sound like a winning combo. PAT BOWLEN you should be FIRED as well. -- theylietoyou Source: Fox31

No. 5

Fire the bum!!! It sucks watching them lose each week. KC will be ready. I wonder if McD and the team will be ready. I feel another blow-out lose is possible. NFL is not done with Spygate II. Everyone but the DPS writers feel MCD should go. If a new coach is hired, he needs to blow-up this team. It is not very good. -- Bg47 Source: Denver Post

No. 4

Dear Mr. Bowlen,

Please fire useless little boy McDaniels, secondly, fire Wink Martindale, perhaps he should follow in dad's footsteps and be a game show host. Maybe he thinks the NFL is a game show, well it is, kinda. And thirdly, make all of the fat, lazy, flat footed players on your team go back to "TWO-A-DAYS" in FULL GEAR, instead of wandering around in shorts and no pads and cracking jokes, until they get in shape and start winning....or at least act like they care, for the outrageous money they make !!!! Make other games available so we don't have to waste time with blow outs with lazy, no emotion games. -- milehighscorp Source: Channel 7

No. 3

Sounds like maybe we should show him the door. We need someone that will work on making the broncos a good team again not doing underhanded things to get there. The broncos were the best team once and they can be again. If we get a coach that has freaking clue. -- Autumnrose2008 Source: Fort Collins Coloradoan

No. 2

So, we now have a coach who lost all respect from the fans as well as the players and is an embarrasment to the NFL. He tore a decent team apart, somewhat based on his ego issues. On top of that, he was involved in his 2nd NFL scandal. Now, he has an owner?boss who says he will not make any coaching changes at least during the next two years? Fine Bowlen, you can be the NFL laughing stock, but as for this fan, I'm done with your franchise. This is unheard of in the NFL. Screw the fans, right Bowlen, what'd they ever do for you. Bronco players, the best of luck, you guys deserve better than this crp. -- lighterside Source: 9News

No. 1

Sorry, But I am DONE with supporting Josh McDaniels after this. I will not blindly stand by and watch as McDaniels tanks this franchise into the ground. The Broncos didn't need all of the "changes" that McDaniels has brought from trading away top talent and getting little to nothing in return and now he has embarrassed the Fans and Pat Bowlen by failing to report this violation for nearly a month. Enough is Enough, Josh McDaniels MUST BE FIRED. -- David Source: Predominantly Orange

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