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Joshua Owings, Graduate of "F*ck It," Busted for Attack on Ranger and More

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There's plenty of aggression evident on Joshua Owings's Facebook page.

Mixed in with photos of a child who appears to have been at the center of a custody dispute are images like the one above and plenty of in-your-face text, including Owings's 2014 claim to have graduated from a college called "Fuck It."

If the account of events leading to Owings's recent arrest are accurate, "Fuck It" pretty much sums up his attitude prior to a recent arrest. 

He's accused of assaulting a park ranger, leading law enforcement on a chase and trying to yank a good Samaritan out of his car before being taken into custody.

Owings's full name is Joshua Dean Owings, but on Facebook, he goes by "Joshua Danger Owings."

Over the past few years, he's posted intermittently — but beginning in the fall of 2014, he began regularly sharing his ire over the aforementioned custody issue.

Unedited examples include, "STAY POSITIVE? HOW AM I TO SEE SHIT POSITIVE WHEN IM TREATED LIKE A FUCKIN LOOSER DEADBEAT?" and "myself said fuck it why am i here still wasting thoughts no one gives two shits about, not unless im supervized?"

The most recent spelling-challenged item, time-stamped this past January, reads: "So it just clicked.... why would everyone hate on me?? theres no way they are just pretending to hat cuz their jellous of my swag that i dont have? i think so atleast??...but i got sunshine in my pocket, and chardney in my tape deck im rite here in my zone..... IF THEIRS HATE IN YOUR HEART LET IT OUT!"

There isn't a lot of love in the Larimer County Sheriff's Office version of events that took place in recent days at Boyd Lake State Park in Loveland.

At about 9:40 p.m. on April 15, according to the LCSO, a Boyd Lake ranger contacted a man and a woman inside a white Dodge pickup truck at a campground. The reason: a possible stolen license plate on the vehicle.

The interruption didn't appear to be to Owings's liking. He allegedly became "belligerent" and refused to comply with the ranger's instructions — after which he's accused of punching  him in the face and head, then grabbing a large metal object he found in the back of the truck. Owings only backed off after the ranger drew his firearm, the sheriff's office maintains.

Shortly thereafter, the ranger called for assistance, and LCSO deputies and Loveland police officers responded. By then, however, Owings had already taken off.

Loveland cops subsequently spotted the truck headed north on County Road 11C and initiated a pursuit within the Fort Collins city limits.

But after deputies failed to bring him to a halt with what's described as a "precision immobilization technique" near the intersection of Harmony Road and Shields Street, they terminated the chase for fear of injuring bystanders in the busy area.

Fortunately for them, stop sticks that they'd already scattered near College Avenue and Harmony managed to flatten two of the truck's tires, and the vehicle came to a stop on South College between Trilby Road and Triangle Drive.

That's when a "concerned citizen" stopped to see if Owings and his passenger were okay, the LCSO narrative continues. Owings allegedly reacted by reaching through the other driver's window and trying to pull him out.

The cops put an end to that, taking control of Owings following a "brief struggle." Afterward, they learned the truck had been stolen in Longmont, while the plates were traced back to a theft in Utah.

With that, Owings was arrested on suspicion of second-degree assault on a peace officer, felony menacing, aggravated motor-vehicle theft, vehicular eluding, resisting arrest, driving under restraint/revoked license and outstanding warrants from Adams County. His passenger was released without charge.

The sheriff's office is hoping to speak with the citizen whom Owings is said to have grabbed; the contact number is 970-416-1985.

Bet the folks at "Fuck It" college are filled with pride right now. Here's a look at Owings's booking photo.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.