Julie Greiner Accused of Pimping 12-Year-Old Daughter: Orgasm Tip, 50 Shades Lube

The accusation that Lakewood mom Julie Greiner pimped her own 12-year-old daughter is shocking enough.

But it becomes even more disturbing given the way circumstances are described in the fourteen-page arrest affidavit on view below.

The document goes into incredible detail about Greiner's alleged decision to allow her pre-teen child to have sex with Thomas Keski, a 23-year-old man from Australia, with references to vibrators, lube and articles such as "8 Things Every Woman Should Try in Bed."

Warning: The specifics of this post may offend some readers.

The timeline of the affidavit begins on January 25, when the Lakewood Police Department received a tip from an unnamed individual. This person told officers that Greiner and her daughter had just returned from a trip to Hawaii with Keski, adding that the child "had formed an online relationship with Thomas where Thomas provided money to the family for various things."

Greiner's son later told investigators that his mom and Keski had hooked up online. Keski had originally claimed to be fifteen, then seventeen, before acknowledging that he was in his early twenties, the son maintained.

He also said that he walked in on his sister Face Timing with a man, presumably Keski. She was undressed and rapidly grabbed for a blanket to cover herself. (See editor's note below.)

The affidavit also allows that Greiner's daughter and Keski were connecting online in a sexual way, too.

Moreover, the son "reported that his mom is bribed with money," the narrative continues, with references to $750 wired into a bank account, a $4,000 ring and other cash allotments intended to cover rent costs and electricity bills, among other things

Later, the document goes on, Greiner and Keski made plans for him to fly to Colorado in the company of his mother, identified as Merja Keski. Later, the Greniers pair and the Keskis would travel to Hawaii for a vacation.

Greiner allegedly met the Keskis at the Hyatt in Cherry Creek, where they were staying, before going to Hawaii. There, Keski and the daughter allegedly engaged in a sexual relationship.

In a subsequent interview with police, Greiner insisted that even though her daughter and Keski had slept together on a pull-out couch, the two moms had kept an eye on them to make sure matters didn't get out of hand.

But other evidence suggested that the situation had already gotten sexual, including receipts connected to Keski's e-mail address for items such as "Free Dual-Action G-Spot & Clit Vibe," "Fifty Shades at Ease Anal Lube" and "Climax Bursts Anal Lubricant."

There are also references to exchanges of naked photographs and online chats between Keski and the girl, with dialogue such as "Ummmm oh yes I'm sorry for asking you for do that thing I asked you to do," followed by "You're not like go away perv?"

Specifics include a November 2014 exchange between Keski and the girl during which he sent her a link to an Insiders Health article called "An Orgasm a Day Keeps the Doctor Away."

The affidavit continues:
A short time later Thomas told [deleted] "omg fuck you." Thomas told her "I just looked, the end of the cucumber has blood on it." [Deleted] said that she is sorry. Then Thomas said "and my ass hurtssssssss." [Deleted] told him to put some lotion on it.

In Australia, meanwhile, authorities contacted Keski and his mother, who insisted that she thought the girl was actually eighteen "and she acted surprised when told she is underage," the affidavit states. "When the interview turned to sexual contact, she requested an attorney and told Thomas to do the same."

Good idea.

The First Judicial District DA's office has now formally charged Greiner with human trafficking of a minor for sexual servitude, pimping of a child and sexual assault of a child — pattern.

In addition, the DA's office notes that Lakewood police have been working with authorities in Australia, where Keski was arrested and charged.

Look below to see a CBS4 report about Greiner's arrest, followed by the arrest affidavit.

Julie Greiner Arrest Affidavit.pdf

Editor's note: The original version of this post inaccurately stated that Julie Greiner's son walked in on his mother while she was Face Timing in the nude. According to the police report, he walked in on his sister, the thirteen-year-old victim in the case. We apologize for the error.

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