Jury: Charlie Brammeier Killed Timothy Gomez With Flashlight Over $20 in Crack

How much was Timothy Gomez's life worth?

According to a jury, Charlie Brammeier valued it at $20 — the amount of a drug transaction prosecutors say led to Gomez being beaten to death by a Mag-Lite flashlight.

But the cost to Brammeier will turn out to be infinitely higher than that.

According to the First Judicial District DA's office, the incident took place at a home in Lakewood located at 1250 South Pierce Street.

At about 11:45 a.m. on August 4, 2014, officers with the Lakewood Police Department were called to the home.

There they found Gomez, one of four residents, lying on the couch, where he'd been bludgeoned with the Mag-Lite.

He was rushed to an area hospital, where doctors addressed his wounds: a traumatic head injury, multiple facial fractures and subdural bleeding. He lingered for weeks before dying on August 22.

As for what happened, Dannette Maes, who was also living at the house, told investigators that she'd spent the night of August 3 partying with fellow resident Brammeier.

The next morning, Brammeier left the house early, and when Maes emerged, she found Gomez and spoke to another roommate who'd witnessed the attack. Maes responded by dialing 911, and while she was on the phone, Brammeier returned long enough to take money from Gomez's pocket and the flashlight before splitting again.

The Lakewood Police Department put out a wanted bulletin on Brammeier, but it took a while before he was found. Prosecutors say he first headed to his parents' home in Larkspur, which he burglarized, before heading to Texas. He was busted in Harley County there on August 5 and subsequently extradited back to Colorado.

At trial, the DA's office maintains, Brammeier said he was angry at Gomez over a $20 drug transaction and killed him in what is described as a "crack-cocaine-induced psychosis."

This explanation didn't inspire mercy among jurors. After a week-long trial, they took just five hours to find Brammeier guilty of  First-Degree Murder — Felony Murder, Murder 2, Burglary, Aggravated Robbery and Aggravated Motor Vehicle Theft.

The cost to Brammeier is likely to be decades behind bars, if not the rest of his life. And that translates to a lot more than $20 in crack.

Look below to see Brammeier's mug shot.

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