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Justin Manzanares held for multiple stabbings outside Mile High Stadium, two others released

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Update: The Denver Police Department has just released more information -- including a video -- about a stabbing that took place outside Mile High Stadium following the Broncos' loss to the San Diego Chargers last night; look below to see our previous coverage.

Of the three original suspects detained in the case, only one -- Justin Manzanares, 29 -- is being held on suspicion of a crime. In addition, the condition of the three victims who were hospitalized has been upgraded to non-life-threatening status. Here's the latest.

At this point, investigators have no indication that the incident was triggered by the disappointing outcome of the game. Rather, it appears that the stabbings occurred following a traffic disagreement.

Additionally, the cops discredit rumors that the attack was gang-related.

Here's the DPD tweet identifying the suspect in custody:

No booking photo of Manzanares is being released at this time due to the ongoing inquiry. His two companions have been set free, but that's pending further investigation -- meaning that they could be cuffed again if additional information surfaces.

As for the police department's initial report about a possible fourth stabbing victim, such an individual still hasn't surfaced.

Here's a video created by the Denver police with the latest information. That's followed by our previous coverage.

Continue to see our previous coverage of the stabbing outside Mile High Stadium last night, including more photos and a Vine from the scene. Original post, 5:46 a.m.: No doubt fans who watched the Broncos lose 27-20 to the San Diego Chargers at Mile High Stadium last night were disappointed -- but this reaction was immediately put in perspective by the violence that took place as the crowd filtered out.

The Denver Police Department reports that at least three and possibly four people were stabbed in the stadium parking lot in the immediate aftermath of the game. Three suspects are currently in custody.

We've got photos and video from the scene and the details to date below.

At the contest's midway point, the administrator of the Denver police Twitter account was in a mirthful mood despite the Broncos being down 17-10, tweeting out the story of a thief who'd left his wallet behind as "halftime entertainment." But at the game's conclusion came this:

According to subsequent DPD Twitter updates, Sports Authority Field personnel called in a disturbance, later described as a "large fight," at 9:55 p.m. near Dick Connor Avenue and Federal Boulevard. As most locals know, Dick Connor Avenue, named for a legendary Denver Post sportswriter, is the main route to stadium parking off Federal.

The carnage was considerable. The cops say at least three people with stab wounds were transported to area hospitals, with one listed in critical condition at last report and the two others in stable condition.

A fourth possible victim was said to have been missing. A police spokesman told 7News investigators believe that person was hurt, but he had not yet sought medical attention so far as authorities knew.

In addition, the DPD tweeted that three suspects were in custody -- information supplemented with this:

Could the altercation have pitted despondent Broncos fans against celebrating Chargers rooters? We don't know yet, but such incidents are far from unknown around the country; I personally witnessed an in-stadium stabbing at a game between the then-Los Angeles Raiders and the Broncos in L.A. back in the '80s. And just two weeks ago, a Kansas City Chiefs fan was found dead in the parking lot outside KC's Arrowhead Stadium, although that incident appears to have resulted from a mistake involving a similar-looking car rather than anything related to the outcome of the Broncos-Chiefs dust-up, which Denver won.

At any rate, all of us upset at the Broncos' lackluster performance last night now have a very easy way to see there are much more important things in life.

Here's a Vine from the scene shared by 7News.

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