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Justine Herring Update: Cop Impersonation Claim, Semi-Nude Photos of Mayoral Candidate

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Update: The stories surrounding Colorado Springs mayoral candidate Justine Herring keep getting stranger and stranger. Following her arrest on a felony menacing charge for allegedly pointing an AR-15 at a man in a public park (see our previous coverage below), she was busted again on a similar accusation. She's also said to have impersonated a law-enforcement officer. Meanwhile, information has surfaced about what are termed "suggestive photos" of Herring that surfaced last year on "adult escort websites" in what she maintained at the time was an act of identity theft.

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Herring's YouTube channel references a law-enforcement action in the context of a strange online screed about the arrest of a woman two years ago. She notes in her most recent post, dated a month ago, "I personally helped the Sheriff in apprehending this criminal. She was on the run for at least 3 years. She is being held without bond."

The entire online screed can be accessed by clicking here. However, the most recent item on it is from someone other than Herring. It reads, "Looks like felony menacing charges caught up with you."

The original beef against Herring, as noted below, involved claims that she had pointed at AR-15 at a victim in Colorado Springs' Memorial Park on Saturday, January 3. She was arrested two days later, after police were informed about the incident.

Then, after our original item was published, the Colorado Springs Police Department released an update about Herring. The release noted that she'd been arrested a second time for another menacing allegation -- this one said to have taken place Saturday on the 800 block of Bryce Drive.

The area is seen in the following interactive graphic. If you have problems seeing the image, click "View Larger Map."

View Larger Map

At around 11:20 a.m. on the 3rd, police say Herring "threatened the victim while waving a firearm and representing herself as a member of a federal law enforcement agency."

A CSPD spokeswoman subsequently confirmed to KOAA-TV that this was a separate incident involving a different victim, even though it occurred on the same day as the previous one.

Meanwhile, KOAA-TV also made note of a November story published just after Herring announced her candidacy. The piece reveals that several photos of Herring, including one showing her "semi-nude in a bathtub," had turned up online. Herring confirmed to the station that the photos were of her but insisted she never posted them. Here's an excerpt from the KOAA-TV piece:

Herring says at least two people who once lived in her home with her and her mother had access to her phone number and personal information. She says one has been convicted of identity theft related to her late mother and is currently incarcerated. "When somebody has access to your home computer, they can pull any picture they want and do whatever they want," Herring said. She suspects they are responsible for compromising her identity and creating bogus sites, identifying her as "J" on one of them. Another site with a profile created in October 2013 states, "Are ready for this Texas girl to tell you what you or I want??? I dare you to call on me. You will never forget-you will remember me! I am not afraid to take a chance! You??? Call me anytime."

The sites no longer appear to be online, but a commenter on a KKTV Facebook thread has shared a semi-nude photo of a woman sitting next to a tub occupied by someone else. The former individual is around the same age as Herring but has dark hair, and we can't confirm that it's her. See it for yourself by clicking here.

In the meantime, Herring has made her first court appearance. See a video of it below, followed by our previous coverage.

Continue for our previous coverage of Colorado Springs mayoral candidate Justine Herring's arrest, including additional photos. Original post, 9:42 a.m. January 6: A business card displayed on Colorado Springs mayoral candidate Justine Herring's Facebook page announces, "Justice Is Coming 2015!," and she may be right. The veteran real-estate agent was just arrested on suspicion of felony menacing after allegedly showing someone the business end of an AR-15 rifle -- an action that may or may not impress the many Second Amendment supporters among the Springs electorate. Additional photos and details below. In November, Herring posted a couple of biographical sketches on her Facebook page. The first references outgoing Colorado Springs mayor Steve Bach:

Justine Herring is a Re/Max Hall of Fame agent. Having lived in America the Beautiful's unforgettable city for nearly 30 years, given the political infighting between Mayor Bach and City Council, she believes it's time for someone without political agenda to make the difference Colorado's second largest city needs at this critical juncture in our legendary history. With storm water issues, increasing homelessness, constant pothole degradation, and employee pension problems and a host of other pressing needs, Justine will solve problems rather than attach them to her own ego. A truly strong Mayor leads by being serving not ruling over the people's City Council. She'll work from 10 to 10 six days a week and be available to average citizens who have who have, understandably, felt left out of the city they live and work in. Justine Herring is not a name most people know, but she wants to know your name, and that's the difference.

Bio number two reads:

Justine Herring was born on March 1st, 1966 in Pecos, Texas. Her father died when Justine was a little girl of 12 years old. Like a quick draw, Justine moved to Colorado Springs, graduated from Jones Real Estate College and began a successful real estate career in her early twenties. Today, Justine's professional designations include ABR (Accredited Buyer Representative), GRI (Graduate Realtor Institute), CRS ( Certified Residential Specialist), and QSC (Quality Service Certified Platinum award). Having earned her place in The Re/Max Hall of Fame, Justine has recently served the community by reaching out to the homeless. Justine's mother died less than a year ago, an event that has inspired Justine to be the difference this city needs to meet the challenges of the future. Her high energy level and proven track record of satisfied clients translate into a candidate you can count on. Justine will integrate the concerns of City Council and officials into a decision-making everyone knows they have been a part of.... Vote for Justine Herring for Mayor!

Also featured on the page is a business card that announces Herring as "future mayor:" It doesn't appear that Herring's political ambitions have gained much traction. Her Facebook page lists one friend and KKTV reports that she's raised $300 for her campaign to date. And now, she faces a new challenge.

Yesterday, according to the Colorado Springs Police Department, officers and detectives were informed about what's described as a "felony-menacing situation" that allegedly took place on Saturday, January 3, at Memorial Park in the Springs.

The case was handed over to the CSPD's domestic-violence unit, whose members subsequently concluded that Herring, 48, had threatened a "victim" by, among other things, pointing an AR-15 at him.

As such, she was arrested on a felony menacing beef under the domestic violence statutes.

Herring is expected to make her first court appearance today, and it doesn't appear to be her first: 7News notes that she has "a criminal history of misdemeanor offenses, including driving under the influence and domestic violence."

Justice is coming -- for better or worse. Here's a look at Herring's double mug shot.

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