Schmuck of the Week

Katherine Kronen Pleads Guilty to Being Accidental X-Games Drug Mule

During the X-Games' annual stop in Aspen, there's plenty of snow on the slopes — and, we're confident, a different kind of snow going up many attendees' noses.

So the arrest of Katherine Kronen for allegedly trying to smuggle cocaine into the festivities was hardly surprising.

More unexpected was her explanation for how the snortable substance wound up in her possession — something for which she's just pleaded guilty.

She insisted that she was an accidental drug mule — a sap for a woman whose last name she couldn't remember.

Is this a schmucky explanation? Or was Kronen's decision to trust someone she apparently didn't know very well the schmucky part?

We leave that for you to determine. But we're confident something schmucky was going on.

As noted by the Aspen Times back in February, most of the arrests at this year's X-Games were of the minor variety — in that they involved minors.

Specifically, 31 kids were cited for being a minor in possession of alcohol or marijuana.

That made the most serious bust the one involving Kronen, a Boulder resident who was stopped as she went through security — and when personnel searched a cloth bag she was carrying, they found 21 separate one-gram baggies of coke.

Afterward, Kronen reportedly maintained that a "girlfriend" named Sandra had handed her the bag as they entered the area. She claimed not to know Sandra's last name, but she insisted that she was as surprised as anyone upon learning that she was packing a hefty supply of Bolivian marching powder.

The cops clearly weren't buying this explanation. An excerpt from the police report quoted by the Times states, “Throughout the interview, Kronen pretended to cry to show she was upset.”

Nonetheless, prosecutors were pretty gentle with her, all things considered. The Times reports that her sentence following a guilty plea for felony cocaine possession with intent to distribute was two years' probation and thirty hours of community service — and if she completes her term without getting into trouble again, the whole thing will be wiped off her record.

So what's the lesson in Kronen's story for the rest of us? Think twice before trusting someone named Sandra.
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