Keep it positive, Bronco fans!

Okay, at first glance, it looks the Broncos got the royal screw in the Jay Cutler trade. But I offer you three reasons why this could be one of the better deals Denver sports has seen.

1. We no longer have Cutler! This seems like a bad thing, but it is not. It is a good thing. Because although it's probably true that Broncos owner Pat Bowlen lied to Cutler, the quarterback's true colors showed here. His feelings are so fragile that this exact situation could have taken place if Bowlen didn't invite his franchise QB to his birthday party. It's better this happened before we got very attached to him.

2. We are challenging Cutler. The biggest part of this trade were the draft picks the Broncos picked up: round one this year AND 2010, and round three this year as well. The team will have some serious building blocks now if Josh McDaniels and his staff can draft correctly (and if they can't, please disregard this whole article). The 2010 pick relies strictly upon how the Bears do, which is why I love the challenge. If the Bear's do horribly, we get happiness twofold: a very high draft pick AND the satisfaction of watching Cutler crumble before our eyes.

3. We have Kyle Orton now! Judging by these photos, Orton will be a huge help to the bar economy. He may singlehandedly keep many of these places open -- and if he happens to throw a touchdown or two, that's just icing on the cake.

So stay optimistic! That, or just disregard the team and start following the Colorado Crush. Sure, the Arena Football League the Crush play in canceled the 2009 season, but the AFL hopes to make a comeback in 2010. And if they do, the Crush have a seriously good quarterback waiting in the wings. Sure, he's been retired from the NFL for ten years, and owns the team instead of playing for it. But enough with the negativity. Look on the bright side.

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