Kelon Kilgore, aka the Providence Procurer, awaiting extradition for big pimpin'

The word "pimp" is flexible enough to describe flamboyant mack-daddisms as well as specific criminal behavior. And while Kelon Kilgore's Facebook page establishes his credentials when it comes to the former, the Denver Police Department thinks he's guilty of the latter, too. Get details about the self-described "Providence Procurer" and see photos below.

The mention of Rhode Island's capital isn't coincidental. While Kilgore's current residence is listed on Facebook as Washington, D.C., he's said to be a native of Providence, and a four-month investigation by the FBI's Rocky Mountain Innocence Lost Task Force led to the state of his birth, among other places.

According to the Denver Police Department, Kilgore, age 32, convinced a Colorado woman to visit Rhode Island this past March on the pretext of a spring break vacation. But instead of providing her with an opportunity for harmless hijinks, he's said to have coerced her into working as a prostitute not only in his home state, but also Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, Indiana and, finally, Colorado.

The DPD release makes note of the "Providence Procurer" label and claims that Kilgore "bragged of his exploits" on Facebook -- although this last assertion about the site, which is still active at this writing, is open to debate. The page does indeed feature some booty-centric images, including this one....

...and this one.... well as this shot, captioned "A hustler dream." But also featured are photos of his mom, his kids and Barack Obama, who he energetically endorses for a second term. The closest a wall post comes to directly addressing pimping is this one:
im the providence procurer also known as key... I dont let square women get close to me...
There's also this moment of semi-regret for his lifestyle:
why is it that all these vixens call me daddy but i aint seen my kids in a yr and a half... Somethin gotta shake:(
As for self-portraits, most of them are like this... ...and this.... ...but the one he chose as his profile photo is the same mug shot the DPD shared with the media: Presumably, he's got a new booking photo to add to his collection. On October 23, he was busted in Fairfax County, Virginia on suspicion of pimping and pandering. He'll soon be extradited to Colorado to face the charges.

It's hard out here for a pimp.

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