Kelsey Grammer: About to give the most impassioned parole-board speech ever

UPDATE: He missed his flight. Assuming they don't postpone the hearing, this is all kinds of suck.

ORIGINAL ITEM: Here's a story I sort of wish I didn't read this morning: Actor Kelsey Grammer is in Colorado Springs today to tell a parole board why it shouldn't release from prison the man who raped and killed his kid sister almost 35 years ago. If you've ever wanted your anti-death-penalty stance challenged, give the Post's story a gander:

Kelsey Grammer, 54, was only 20 when Glenn, who was high on LSD, and two accomplices, kidnapped the then-aspiring actor's sister, a waitress at a Red Lobster restaurant, on July 1, 1975, after a botched robbery.

They blindfolded her, took her around while they robbed a convenience store and then drove her to an apartment where they sexually assaulted her over several hours.

Karen Grammer pleaded for her life and was led to believe she would be released, Russel said.

Her murder was the second major tragedy of Kelsey Grammer's life. His father had been murdered years earlier, Russel said. Grammer flew from Florida to Colorado Springs to identify his sister's body.

And Grammer spent much of the next 35 years making us laugh? Where's the sense in that?

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