Kenny Be's Sign Language: Wake and Jake

The only way to get to know a city is by foot. A car could pass the northwest Denver home pictured above a dozen times and the driver would never see the spectacle that sprawls across this lawn. At twenty-miles-per-hour, the rocks on the folding chair and the flattened sign in the foreground look like the leftovers of a recent yard sale, but a pedestrian passerby is able to read the handwriting on the drywall. A close-up shot reveals a domestic drama that is a real sleeper.

Look below for more:

The block-cap lettering scrawled on the scrap of drywall reads, "Enjoying your look at me while I sleep Jake? We'll talk about it this weekend? On the radio." Thankfully, the accusatory tone of the sleep-watching question is diminished by the suggestion of a leisurely weekend problem-solving session over the radio. But, who the heck is Jake? A second sign, seen in the rock garden in the upper left of the top photo, may provide a clue to Jake's identity and/or political affiliation. Enlarged below, an urgent scrawl on the inside-out plastic wrapper of a political campaign yard sign warns, "American Citizens Menaced by Republican Gangsters." Again, the message would be much more of a threat if it were not placed over the tanned face of a sunny, funny garden gnome. Take that, Jake!

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