Kenny Be's Worst-Case Scenario: Mayor Chickenlooper scrambles to deliver the keynote address

Did you remember Chicken Little, the classic children's story of a lunching chicken who comes to the conclusion that the sky is falling after an acorn hits his head? In the fable he is joined by a cast of animal characters with rhyming names, and they all get eaten by Foxy Loxy. The moral of the story is that a chicken will whip the populace into mass hysteria, which a sly fox will then manipulate to his advantage. Today, this is the equivalent of the Denver Mayor looking for tax-cutting tips from his business cohorts.

Learn new ways to manipulate neighbors and city leaders this Saturday, August 1, at Coors Field. Mayor Chickenlooper is delivering the lunch-time keynote address at the "Back to Basics, Block by Block" neighborhood conference, and he will no doubt be delivering many acorns of wisdom. Bon Appetit! It all starts at 8 A.M., and is open to anyone who is interested in...

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Kenny Be
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