Kenny Be's Yard Arteology: Xmas-Season Xpansion Tree

The study of neighbors through their lawn ornaments

Fiqure 4. Cole: Xmas-Season Xpansion Tree: Holidays may come and go, but some Christmas decorations are made to hang around just a little bit longer. A close examination of this prolific wonder reveals that it is a seven-section plastic evergreen pyramid that disassembles with decorations intact. The sheer size suggests that it sees a lot more yard time than most holiday decorations, simply because of the man hours required for setting it up, taking it down and putting it back into its cramped ten-by-fourteen cubbyhole down in the cellar of this tiny pink house. Which, in all probability, means through a trap door that can only be accessed by moving the kitchen table out onto the lawn.

Such care implies that the yard artist is putting on a much deeper emotional display. This kind of novelty can't be bought. It most often can only be obtained (as a gift from the boss) by a favored longtime employee of a venerable Denver retail establishment that has long since closed its doors. The yearly display is as much a tribute to Christmas as it is to the owner's memory of her glory years of finding happiness through service to her customers and loyalty to her boss. The two plastic deer indicate that this yard artist is a gentle soul. That one has fallen, and not immediately been righted, hints that it is nearly time for the annual St. Valentine's Day removal of the Xmas Xhibition. -- Kenny Be

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