Kent Lambert.
Kent Lambert.

Kent Lambert named taxpayers' king

The Colorado Union of Taxpayers' acronym -- CUT -- indicates where its members stand on the question of taxation. While the Taxpayers Bill of Rights (TABOR) has been attacked by plenty of lawmakers, CUT president Marty Neilson credits it with "protecting Colorado from the real budget woes like those being experienced in California." No surprise, then, that the big winners in CUT's 2009 ranking of the state legislature tend to be officials who probably would vote against Social Security and Medicare if given access to a time machine. Three Colorado Springs politicos wind up on the medal platform: Rep. Kent Lambert, with a 100 percent score, plus senators Dave Schultheis and Bill Cadman, at 97 percent. (Wonder what Schultheis and Cadman did to get docked 3 percent. Pick up a Democrats' tab at the Golden Corral, maybe?) And, shockingly enough, nine Dems, including Bob Bacon, Betty Boyd and Abel Tapia, wind up on the bottom of CUT's barrel, with a 3.13 percent score -- meaning, I suppose, that they must have said "no" to something at least once or twice.

Read CUT's report by clicking here.


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