Knowthanks on that new Broncos jersey

I'm mad.

Mad about new Broncos coach JoshMcDufus's arrogantly poor handling of the Jay Cutler affair, mad about his signing of, as my friend Mayf called it, the PuPu Platter of washed up running backs (Correll Buckhalter, J.J. Arrington and LaMont Jordan) to compliment (?) our existing cast of beat-up backs -- Team X-Ray, as I call them.

And now I'm even angrier at McDufus's drafting of a running back as his first pick during the weekend's NFL draft. A sound strategy for a team with the worst defense in the league would have been to draft defensive guys this year and go with offense next year, especially because there are at least three great QBs coming out in 2010.

Instead, McDufus took Knowshon Moreno, who gave a great interview and had a stellar career at the University of Georgia, but isn't a defensive player. I swear that the only reason the coach took an RB first was because Mike Shanahan was always praised for his abilities to find terrific runners in the fifth and sixth and seventh rounds of the draft. McDufus clearly wanted to establish himself as a different person.

And he has.

Adding insult to injury, however, was a spam e-mail I received from the Denver Broncos Pro Shop (above) just hours after Knowshon (who I have nothing against) was picked, offereing to sell me a Moreno jersey for $71.99 (regularly $79.99).

Thanks but knowthanks. Since I bought an Eddie Royal jersey last year and invested more in a Cutler jersey for my son (thanks for wasting my money there, McDufus. Oh, and would mind explaining to a six-year old why his quarterback plays for the Bears now?), I think I'll pass on a Knowshon jersey.

Oh, and as for tickets to watch the Broncos play, I may pass on those too -- unless, or course, McDufus can make it stop snowing.

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