Kyle Dyer, 9News anchor, needs seventy stitches after on-air dog bite

Kyle Dyer, the 9News anchor bitten by a dog on live TV, has a private Facebook page. But privacy was tough to maintain after the Today show featured a report about the incident and efforts by the station to suppress the video of this shocking but newsworthy event failed. No surprise, then, that Dyer's post about her condition has now become public.

According to 7News and plenty of other outlets by now, Dyer revealed over the weekend that she required seventy stitches to close wounds to her lips and nose inflicted by Max, an Argentine mastiff who had been saved from an icy pond the previous day in a daring rescue televised to 9News viewers.

"I am unable to talk because my mouth is stitched shut to allow for the skin graft to take and get the blood circulating in my lips again," she wrote, adding, "I return to the doctor this coming week and expect another procedure in the next few weeks."

The 9News website is among the few places this information cannot be found. The most recent item featuring Dyer, dated February 11, spotlights notes to her from the station's morning crew. But while there's certainly an argument to be made that sharing the information would better serve viewers, who are understandably concerned about Dyer, an extremely popular personality, the outlet is certainly within its rights to report about the story on its own terms. The line only gets crossed when 9News attempts to impose its standards on other news purveyors -- and with even the Denver Post, the station's longtime partner, publishing these lines, that doesn't appear to be the case this time around.

Surprisingly, though, the Post piece omits the following Facebook addendum from Dyer: "Again, I can't say thank you enough for all of your notes and prayers of encouragement and love. They give me great strength, which along with my faith, will see me through a successful recovery!"

That's a sentiment everyone can get behind.

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