Schmuck of the Week

Landlord From Hell Wanted for After-Sex Cleanup With Tenant's Wedding Dress

Think you've got the worst landlord ever? After hearing about the accusations against Carlos Quijada (which are backed up by surveillance footage excerpted in a video below), you may reconsider.

Quijada, who oversees Skyway Condominiums in Colorado Springs, is accused of having sex in an apartment shared by male and female tenants and then using the woman's wedding dress to clean up afterward.

That, friends, is Schmuck of the Week territory.

As first reported by KKTV, Skyway resident Logan Pierce set up a security camera in the apartment he shares with his wife, and during a recent day when he was at work, he got a notification that the device had detected noise.

And a whole lot more, as it turns out.

The video showed Quijada and an unidentified man having sex on the couple's bed, after which they used the aforementioned marriage outfit as a towel to mop up sweat and bodily fluid.

During a phone call to his wife, Pierce broke the news of what happened with this hilariously apt quote: "I said, 'Honey, I think we need to move, like, immediately.'”

According to this legal encyclopedia, landlords can legally enter a tenant's apartment "when you give permission or when there is a real emergency that threatens life or property, like a serious water or gas leak. And a landlord who believes you have abandoned the property (left without giving notice or returning the key) may legally enter without giving you notice."

However, a Colorado Springs Police Department rep confirmed to KKTV that getting one's swerve on isn't a lawful reason for entry, as it were.

That explains why the CSPD issued an arrest warrant for criminal trespassing and misdemeanor obscenity in Quijada's name.

At this writing, there's been no announcement of Quijada's arrest — but there is news regarding the Pierces. They received an eviction notice, prompting them to relocate to a motel.

Having to move can be a drag — but their new place probably isn't as creepy as the one they just left. Here's the original KKTV report.

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