Laura Boggs of the Jeffco school board is censured for shmuckery

Jefferson County school board member Laura Boggs has been so disruptive this year that she inspired a teachers' union-produced newsletter called Boggs Watch that is dedicated to keeping an eye on her antics.

But Boggs isn't just on the union's naughty list. She's also drawn criticism from teachers, parents, her fellow board members and the Denver Post for everything from allegedly interrupting a class and calling school "stupid" to crashing a private meeting to her positions on boundary changes and busing.

But her threat last week, according to district superintendent Cindy Stevenson, that she would undermine a JeffCo $32.8 million teacher-incentive grant was the final straw. That grant, if approved, will provide money for teacher pay for five years.

On Thursday, the school board issued a formal and unanimous censure of Boggs, who was elected in 2009, citing erratic and unethical behavior. And although the action carries to consequences whatsoever, it was the first censure in district history.

Way to make history, Laura.

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