Left Behind: Unintelligible Scribblings

Rambling incoherence has always been a trait I look for in fliers and leaflets. Sure, the threats of fire and brimstone in those bus-seat fliers attempting to shame readers into accepting Christ as their lord and savior provide for a couple stops of entertainment, but the photocopied rantings of an obviously troubled mind, while not exactly funny, are always interesting.

Take for example these two treasures I picked up on Broadway this weekend: At first glance, it seems to be some sort primer on identity theft offering resources for those who have fallen victim. But the flier is completely indecipherable. Listed here are phone numbers, all of which ring through to Denver Police Department extensions and one can only assume this DIY testimonial was meant as a blow-by-blow account of what happened when the author tried to seek help from the DPD. My favorite part is the line in the lower left that reads, "and many many more of them in conspiracy and cover up one Ray infiltrated police." Be warned, Denver.

The second is just awesome.

-- Sean Cronin

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