Jailhouse Blues
Karen Bowers's "Hard Time," in the October 25 issue, is Pulitzer material. She writes about the common criminals--the prison guards, wardens and judges who get paid with tax dollars to run modern-day concentration camps.

State officials who allow and encourage rapes among prisoners are heinous crime offenders, and they should be brought to justice. However, law books do not currently provide for such penalties.

If a common thief is treated brutally in prison, then he will only grow to be a larger menace when he returns to society. I don't elect officials and pay taxes for that.

I was outraged, but not surprised, to learn of the Department of Corrections' demonic lies and acts. I want James Mervin's case to be aired in a court of law. I want to know how my tax dollars are being spent. If they are being spent paying sadistic jailers, I want those jailers fired immediately.

And if a judge neatly sweeps the case under the rug, I want him to spend a night with Marvin Gray, so he, too, can see how it feels.

Brett Brundage

Hit or Mess
In her October 25 letter to the editor, Joy Overbeck complains about the "gay-poster mess" at DPS, which Elana Ashanti Jefferson wrote about in her October 11 story, "Focus on the Fracas." The only people making a "mess" of things are Ms. Overbeck and Focus on the Family.

Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgendered (GLBT) people make up 5 to 10 percent of the American population, according to most studies. Even some of the most respected conservative psychologists agree that sexual orientation is determined by age four or five. That means that Denver's high schools have GLBT students in attendance. These students are often subjected to emotional, verbal and physical attacks. They are often made fun of, deliberately shunned, or worse.

Focus on the Family, Colorado for Family Values and, apparently, Ms. Overbeck, think the solution is to do nothing. CFV has specifically stated in one of its seminars that it believes that if an entire generation of students from kindergarten through college can be raised without any mention whatsoever of homosexuality or sexual orientation, every single child will become heterosexual. When the Colorado state PTA attempted to pass a resolution condemning violence against GLBT students, CFV and FOF packed the state PTA meeting and shot down all resolutions concerning the issue.

I applaud the Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual Community Service Center's efforts to let GLBT teens know that there is a place and forum where they can safely meet. What we are talking about, Ms. Overbeck, is a poster. No one is trying to recruit anyone; they just want students in search of answers to know they are not alone. Unfortunately, Ms. Overbeck and others feel that the solution is to completely deny the existence of GLBT people and hope we go away. We aren't going away.

Peter Gross

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