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Theresa Walter

Tales From the Darth Side
In Michael Sragow's unfair rip of The Return of the Jedi ("Ewok, Don't Run," March 13), he made some important criticisms but missed many other important points. True, Jedi does not have the dark fervor of The Empire Strikes Back, yet how else would you suggest the trilogy end? This mythological story couldn't very well end in the ominous, tragic direction that Empire suggested. I guess Luke Skywalker could turn to the Dark Side, the Rebellion could be crushed, and Han Solo could die in his carbon freeze, but it's not very likely. Tantalizing, perhaps, but not a mythological conclusion.

There are some great moments in Jedi that Sragow neglected to mention. Mark Hamill's performance as the black-clad Skywalker is great; the maturation and transformation of his character is engrossing. Likewise Carrie Fisher's Leia. Maturity, in fact, is the theme of Jedi, just as adolescence was for Empire. Even Darth Vader's character matures. The only disappointing performance is that of Harrison Ford, whose Han Solo is a mere shadow of his riveting performance in Empire.

Yes, I think all of us serious Star Wars fans could do without the damn Ewoks, although the refreshing beauty of Endor is an essential component in the movie's theme of triumph and peaceful resolution. It's a lovely, beautiful planet on which to end the trilogy.

All in all, I agree that Empire is a better movie, but Jedi rests closer to my heart. Anyway, may the force be with you...always!

Monica D.

Be a Sport
Have you ever considered publishing collections of Kenny Be's cartoons and Bill Gallo's columns in book form? Be is a wonderfully inventive and original cartoonist.

In Gallo, you've got a sportswriter who is in a class with Red Smith. (No hyperbole there.) I can't think of any living sportswriters who are in his class, even at Sports Illustrated. Publishing his stuff in book form would not only be a great cultural service, but it wouldd cut down greatly on my expenses for scissors, paste and scrapbooks.

Mike Bell

Regarding the add-on to Bill Gallo's March 13 column about the Bronco's exhibition game in Guadalajara: Right on! I just wish his remarks on this matter could have wider circulation.

Dick Kremers
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