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Craig Smith
via the Internet

Regarding Joshua Green's "Love That Dave," in the July 10 issue:
It's very rare that a lousy critic gets shown the door, albeit for the wrong reasons. The Dave Matthews Band is the single best band in music today, bar none. Their musical talent, originality and intense live show are some of the reasons I own all of their releases plus some non-released CDs. Don't dismiss me as a Davehead or a zealot...I enjoy a wide range of music and am very well-versed in musicality--something I feel very strongly that the Rolling Stone dork isn't.

I hope this guy grows up sometime soon. His opinions are not given the credence they once were when he poisoned Rolling Stone.

Roy Thigpen
Vienna, Virginia

Being an avid fan of the Dave Matthews Band, I enjoyed your article about DeRogatis and Dave Matthews. It was quite entertaining and intriguing. Allow me to say that DeRogatis is entitled to his own opinions, but I don't think he should have added such a bitter touch to his comments. To me, the Dave Matthews Band is a relief from a music world endlessly engulfed with monotonous drumbeats and angry vocals. They invoke a touch of harmony by not being afraid to challenge the common listener's ears and by bringing a new sound to their lives.

Go ahead, DeRogatis, be a biased bigot, but remember: The Dave Matthews Band will continue to make me proud.

Eric Chu
via the Internet

Even though I am a Dave Matthews Band fanatic, I think that Mr. DeRogatis has the right to say whatever he wants to. If fans can't deal with what he said, then too bad. Or we could erase the First Amendment, couldn't we?

Jeremy Kolonay
via the Internet

I agree wholeheartedly with Dave Matthews's comment about Rolling Stone. I look forward to the day when that bloated thing finally dies and stops fouling the well with its disgusting trendiness and commercialism. But to some extent, I agree with Jim DeRogatis in that I am underwhelmed by the music of Dave Matthews. Perhaps I just don't get it.

Geoff Wilson
via the Internet

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