Letters to the Editor

The Big Bang Theory

Happy goo year: The city of Denver may not have collapsed into a "jellylike mass" at midnight on December 31, but it looks like Patricia Calhoun herself turned into a pile of goo. I always enjoy her columns poking fun (or worse) at Wellington Webb and his cronies, but with the January 4 "Party! Party!" she suddenly seems to be getting all mooshy on us.

Say it ain't so!

Give Ms. Calhoun some fireworks and champagne, and she's a changed person.

Yes, the city has "spent $250,000 in much worse ways" than on a party -- and every time Westword uncovers one of those ill-advised expenditures, I am the first person to cheer Ms. Calhoun and her colleagues on.

Westword, please resolve to continue your muckracking ways in the new year. If I want happy news, I'll turn on the TV. With the JOA approved, we need Westword more than ever. So ignore the insults, stop being nice and get to work!

Joe Vigil
via the Internet

A fine whine: If Phillip Klos doesn't like Patricia Calhoun's column, then he should quit reading it! More often than not, what he calls Crusadin' Calhoun's "relentless whining" is right on the money -- literally, in the case of her December 21 "2001: A Spaced Odyssey," on the Mayor's Millennium Commission's failure to raise the half-million that it originally promised it would.

Judging from his letter in the last issue, though, for Mr. Klos to read anything tougher than My Weekly Reader would give him a heart attack.

Renee Rogers

Midnight express: Patricia Calhoun, thanks for the great article. My favorite part of "Party! Party!" was this:

"By 2:30 a.m., the scene in LoDo resembled Saigon in 1975, when people scrambled to get on the last plane out."

You couldn't have put it better.

After the fireworks, it just became one mess after another. We spent about an hour and a half on the corner of 14th and Stout streets waiting for a light-rail train (I've seen more room in a circus clown car). Just when it was our turn to get on, the RTD gestapo told all us folks that we'd have to move down the street and basically get to the end of the line...again. Hey, have you ever heard every curse word known to man shouted at once? I can tell you, it's an extraordinary experience. The crowd turned ugly and the cops showed up, so we figured it was best to leave: I didn't really want to start the new millenium with a face full of pepper spray. After being separated from our group, a friend and I just got on a random bus and hoped it would get us home. Luckily, the bus was headed down to the Broadway and I-25 park-n-Ride, which was totally cool since we were parked at the Littleton station. And it stayed totally cool until we got stuck in a traffic jam on I-25 because of an alleged six-car pileup.

My New Year's Eve came to a close in the cold at I-25 and Broadway, waiting for my friend's mom to come pick us up at 3:30 in the morning to give our sorry asses a ride home. As frustrating as this may all sound, it was really funny. There's so much I left out -- all the insane people we met and bonded with. The crazy guy on the bus yelling the F-word repeatedly into his cell phone. The two couples behind us waiting for the light rail who were right out of a really bad episode of Blind Date and were trying to start fights with people. The Cameron Diaz lookalike who got off the bus and projectile vomited into the bushes (pretty glamorous). I didn't want the night to end -- I just wanted to see what would happen next. It was an adventure.

I can tell you this: If Mr. Webb decides to throw down again next year, I'll be there!

Sonny Perea
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I'm Okay, You're Not Okay

Fire when ready: C'mon, Jonathan Shikes! After reading your essay "Shootout at the Not-So-Okay Corral," in the December 28 Year in Review issue, I had to wonder if you and I lived through the same year 2000. Surely something good must have happened in Denver last year!

And what does it say about Westword that you chose to glorify guns and Old West shootouts on the cover of that issue?

Sally Harmon

Comic relief: Loved your Year in Review issue! And all that Kenny Be art -- wow! More Be in 2001!

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