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Panayoti Kelaidis, curator, plant collections
Denver Botanic Gardens

Perennial problems: As a longtime community gardener, I have seen this before. After promising us in 1996 that the community gardens would be left alone for the next ten years, then-director Richard Daley departed for greener pastures. Then a new director comes along, and the new projects' wish list remains the same $40 million. The already rejected parking garage is back in.

Isn't it amazing how one person's legacy is another's bureaucratic empire-building? I guess we can keep paving and building until hundreds more employees work there; so what if the total greenery keeps diminishing? The last time I looked, people could already view plants year-round.

Name withheld on request

Read-Letter Day

Playing with fire: I'm responding to Mr./Ms. Ph.D.'s June 21 letter regarding Kenny Be's great Worst-Case Scenario in the June 7 issue, about Westy the cat spin-off merchandise:

Say, is your Ph.D. in "high and mightiness"? Because I only have a bachelor's degree, but I could figure out that Be wasn't encouraging me to go out and light my neighbor's poodle on fire. Let me translate for you: This cartoon was satirizing what always seems to spring up around these events that none of us finds funny: made-for-TV movies about JonBenét Ramsey and book deals for her parents; CDs, lapel pins and now license plates commemorating the Columbine tragedy.

Come down from your ivory Ph.D. tower, pal. Those of us you consider your lessers aren't quite as stupid as you think!

Name withheld on request

Birds of a feather: The point of my May 31 letter to Westword was not that I have a soft spot in my heart for white suburban males. My point was simply that putting people into stereotyped categories, as "Derf" does, is simply no great feat. In his June 14 letter, Rusty Belicek may have been right in asserting that I am a fool, as I have the fool's hat, unicycle and glow-in-the-dark juggling balls to prove it. He may be dismayed to learn that I am a vegetarian, pagan-festival-loving cat person who voted for Nader in the last two elections. On the eve of the Avs victory, I was bird-watching at Chatfield. This may make me a stereotypical Lynda Barry or Matt Groening fan, but please, Rusty, at least meet someone before you cast them in some narrow mold!

Go, Tannagers!

Art Biggs
via the Internet

Music to his ears: I want to congratulate Westword on its letters-to-the-editor policy. Even when writers are highly critical of your paper, among others, you allot the space for their views, no matter how manic or misconceived. But I see through you. The letters are highly entertaining and draw a certain readership of their own. Often, the content identifies the writer as a nut job, and that makes it all the more fun. All you have to do is honor the writer's request and run it. We all benefit from people making complete asses out of themselves. While I am sure they consider themselves quite serious, they appear ridiculous when you give them what they want. The letter is in the paper and the writer imagines a humbled publication that has been "told real good." The rest of Denver is choking on Fat Tire and hilarity as they read it. Meanwhile, all Westword has to do is stand by and watch the self-destruction.

I especially enjoy readers who go ballistic over your music reviews. I'll assume the reviewers you hire know a little about music, but that is neither here nor there. The fun arrives by the boatload when the follower of a garage band, or one ranked higher, rankles over the reviewer's less-than-sterling comments about the trash coming off the stage. Word to the fans: It is music. It is entertainment. Regardless of your views, it isn't all good, and a lot of it is crap. But please, please, please, don't stop sending your nonsensical garbage to Westword's editor, because that is much more entertaining than the band's "music." As long as you think music criticism should be a federal case, we are all quite entertained. Rap is shit, and you don't have to like my review, either. See? I get it!

Keep up the good work. One hysterical letter can make the whole issue. The only sad part is that some writers waste trees or electricity to send them to you.

Name withheld on request

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