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Kate Thompson, gallery administrator
William Havu Gallery

Butt Seriously, Folks

Something smells: About this whole smoking-ban hoo-hah and the letters in the May 8 issue. You know there is zero evidence that secondhand smoke is at all harmful. It's pseudo-science nonsense that helps fuel the yuppie rush for a world that's as bland and harmless as they are. You don't like the smell? Okay, well I don't like Humvees, George Bush, Mike Rosen, anyone who wears Tope, women who wear too much perfume, dog poo, men who wear too much perfume, cell phones in movie theaters and especially people who bring their children to restaurants. If we can do something about these loud, offensive, dangerous and sometimes smelly items, then maybe we can talk about my cigarettes.

Until then, you can either move to Boulder or just shut the hell up.

Sam Fall

Toxic avenger: It's time to bring a little sanity and perspective to the smoking-ban debate. I think the most important issue here is choice, for the smoker, the non-smoker and the business owner. If the owner of a bar or restaurant thinks it will improve his business to ban smoking, then he/she should do so -- and many have. There are close to 200 dining establishments (not including fast-food restaurants) here that do not permit smoking, and that number is continuing to grow. So there are numerous options for those who can't tolerate smoking in any section of a restaurant. This option is also available to food-service workers who want to work in a smoke-free environment (though a good percentage of them smoke, and most of the others don't care).

I realize that smoking in dining areas is an idea whose time has gone. Fine. Just leave us the bars -- and the bar areas of restaurants that have some separation from the dining area. It's one thing to be exiled to the street in Southern California or Florida, but smoking outside in Denver for much of the year is a miserable experience.

Come on, folks. Let's show a little tolerance. There's room enough for all of us. And if you're truly serious about protecting us from ourselves, you'd better stop driving your car: What's coming out of your tailpipe is a heckuva lot more toxic than what's burning on the end of my cigarette.

John Goldstein

Bursting His Babble

Blame Canada! This is for Greg Weinkauf. Your review of X-2: X-Men United sucks ("Violent Femmes," May 1). I don't read comic books, and I don't normally read the movie reviews, but I'd just seen X-2 and wanted to hear something enthusiastic about it. What I read was overly wordy, cynical and, in the end, presented no conclusive opinion on how the movie actually was, except for the mind-boggling final quote: "Who wouldn't want to hang around in Canada for months on end, pretending every day is Halloween?"

Well, guess what? That doesn't make any sense, and that's not a review. That's a half-page of babble where you loosely outline the plot but mainly just stroke yourself over how above the movie you are. I realize everyone is entitled to their own opinion and, wait -- what was yours? Oh, that's right: You didn't really have one.

C. Sands

Fast-Food Notion

Not in this back yard: Following David Holthouse's April 17 " You Want Flies With That?," which raised some concerns about the wildlife habitat at the Colorado Boulevard McDonald's, we sent a staff member to inspect the site. Contrary to Mr. Holthouse's comments, we found the habitat in respectable condition and devoid of the debris that Mr. Holthouse observed. Perhaps he was there at a particularly busy time, before the day's cleanup crew did their sweep.

Our representative met with the restaurant manager and did make a few suggestions about the need to clean the birdbath regularly and perhaps enhance the habitat by adding more flowering native plants. We were assured that the habitat is cleaned every day.

While the McDonald's habitat may be more sparse than the typical Backyard Wildlife Habitat, it does provide the basics for wildlife survival and serves as an example of what people can do to accommodate wildlife in our world. Our hope is that the McDonald's habitat will build awareness so that those visiting there might consider establishing a habitat in their own back yards. Information on how to create a backyard habitat can be found on our Web site, at

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