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Kristin Goodman

Plight for life: I find it inconceivable that you would publish a story about the plight of sex offenders without getting any input from others involved in the cases. Even though you publish a photo of Greig Veeder, nowhere in the article do you say that you requested his program's version of what transpired. You didn't request interviews with the probation officers or others involved in the supervision and treatment of these offenders. Perhaps they have a different version of events. Perhaps the victims of these assaults now feel re-victimized by the fifteen seconds of fame you have given to their perpetrators, but you didn't even bother to ask them, did you? I assume that the victims' words may have impeached the stories you got from the offenders, embittered over somebody finally holding them accountable for their actions.

A few weeks after another one of your reporters, David Holthouse, displayed great courage in coming out with the horror of being assaulted ("Stalking the Bogeyman," May 13), you turn around and print a story that only gives the point of view of those who do the assaulting.

Anthony Getzberg

Consciousness raising: Another piece of great journalism by Eric Dexheimer! Just want you to know that you have many readers out in the community, and that you are raising consciousnesses and doing a valuable service exposing the depredations of our Orwellian government. Your work is appreciated.

Martin L. Buchanan

Tort Reform

The right stuffing: Chipotle rules!

Thank you so much for Julie Dunn's "A Chipotle Off the Old Block," in the June 10 issue. I didn't know anything about Chipotle -- except that it makes the best burrito in the world! And not just the best burrito, but the best food in the world. I'd eat Chipotle for dinner every night if I could.

Sami Ranson
via the Internet

The white stuff: Chipotle means Anglo comfort zone.

Chipotle is a crock. When you arrive at a Chipotle, look at the faces -- the face of the happy customer, the face of the even happier cashier. And then the faces of the people behind the counter. These faces seem to be a little darker than the ones outside the work area. Could it be that they are Mexicans? Could it be that these people are the ones cooking the food for Chipotle customers? Working with food they have known since birth in Mexico. Mexico, not Haight Ashbury. Not after being thirty-something and going to college. And using eighty grand of your dad's money to start. That is when Steve Ells was able to succeed. I'm glad for him. But I think of the workers. And I think of the history and customs stolen. This is just one more example. Like Cortez to the Aztecs, Custer to the Sioux or Ells to his indigenous work staff. This is progress. The Manifest Destiny continues.

Glad to meet you, white man!

D. Zavala Garcia

That's a wrap: Call it what you may, a big wad of rice in a flour tortilla is not a burrito.

Earl Noe

Cut Him Off!

The drools of engagement: Patrick Osborn is a jackass.

I can't figure out how this guy got his column. He thinks starting at 3 p.m. constitutes drinking all day, and all his knowledge about sex comes from watching TV. Buddy, you can't drink all day if you don't start in the morning, and if you shut your mouth, maybe one day you can get a real girl and quit jacking off to Sex and the City.

Osborn's lack of knowledge about partying is obvious when he has to resort to tired male/female stereotypes in a desperate attempt to get a rise out of women so that they will be suckered into reading his drivel. Well, I've been suckered for the last time. Until Westword gets someone qualified to write this column, I give the "Drunk of the Week" award to anyone hammered enough to read this crap.

Jennifer Jones

Taking the Pledge

Vocal locals: Thanks to Michael Roberts for "Pledge of Allegiance," his June 10 column about the odd and annoying fundraising tactics of Colorado Public Radio. The station's beg-a-thons are not only way too long, they aren't even remotely entertaining. And radio, last time I looked or listened, is an entertainment medium. Never during these fundraising campaigns do the formulaic and predictable pitches by the regular staff people give way to guest commentary or, God forbid, humor! Has the station ever considered having Mayor Hickenlooper or other celebs say a few words (recorded or live)? At least KRMA-TV, which also stretches our patience to the max with its constant fundraising, intersperses its pitches with actual entertainment.

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