Letters to the Editor

Fetal Attraction

Truth decay: I must confess, I wasn't shocked when Kenny Be ran "attention-getting funeral announcements" for cremated remains from a Boulder abortion clinic in his January 27 Worst-Case Scenario, "EmbryObituaries & Immemorials." I was shocked, however, that he had the intellectual dishonesty to only write his cute "obituaries" for tiny little embryos that the average reader wouldn't recognize as a human being. Why stop with embryos that are only a few weeks old? If Mr. Be were the true foot soldier of the pro-abortion movement that he pretends to be, he would draw unborn children that are two months, six months, even nine months old and poke fun at them also. After all, a woman's right to choose should be honored right up until birth, right? Or could it be that even Kenny Be draws the line somewhere? Maybe it is because when you start drawing those two-month-old "cellular masses," they kind of look like people.

I am a regular reader who enjoys much of what is published in Westword, including the creative work of Kenny Be. I am not writing to complain about or criticize Mr. Be's right to write or draw whatever he wants. I am a firm believer that in a free marketplace of ideas, bad ideas fail and good ideas eventually succeed. I am willing to openly state that I believe life begins at conception and abortion is killing a human being. Since Kenny Be has chosen to use his forum to push a political agenda, then what, exactly, does he believe to be the truth?

Scott Miller

Waste watchers: Kenny Be's "EmbryObituaries" was the perfect antidote to last week's media frenzy over Crist Mortuary and the Sacred Heart Church. I'm tired of the mainstream media giving considered attention to crazies who collect, baptize and bury medical waste. These people are on the very fringes of the American political spectrum, and their political "actions" are nothing but cheap stunts.

Thank you, Kenny Be, for highlighting just how ridiculous they are, and for fighting absurdity with absurdity.

Gwendolyn Betty

Dump trick: The practical reason to process recognizable human remains via mortuaries is to avoid the awkward appearance of body parts in landfills and dumps. Such events necessitate costly criminal investigations to determine the cause of death.

What Kenny Be has sketched are the products of early abortions, not late-term abortions -- which are the remains at the heart, so to speak, of the current clinic/mortuary/church controversy. Kenny Be would not have room to sketch four aborted fetuses, actual size, in his cartoon strip.

One can just imagine his angst when he went to the medical books and found that if he were to illustrate the actual size of the actual aborted fetuses, he would be drawing, gasp, dead babies. Curses, foiled again!

Joanne Marie Roll

Birth of a notion: What is with you folks, and how can you possibly tag Kenny Be's garbage with " any chance for a choice discussion"? What's there to discuss in this situation? These fetuses were already aborted, and the people involved in the services at Sacred Heart of Mary were simply doing what they believed was the right thing. They were simply following their consciences and hearts.

The pro-life/pro-choice discussion will go on and on, but do you truly believe that this kind of nasty mockery adds anything of value to the discussion? Is it so hard to just say "I don't agree with what they are doing, but I respect that they act on their personal beliefs"?

And frankly, what harm was done to anyone? The fetuses had been abandoned. Or have we gone so far today that acting on one's pro-life beliefs -- if it bothers anyone for any reason -- must automatically be "harmful" in some manner?

Peter W. Schlesiona

The rights stuff: Thank you, Kenny dear, for the badly needed perspective on abortion. I remember having a miscarriage years ago, when I was two and a half months along, and I guaran-damn-tee you that what was coming out of me was not a baby. They cleaned up the rest at the ER, and I cried afterward, but I cried because it was a failure, not a baby. I never dreamed of holding services!

Focus on the Fetus (like it?) needs to turn its logic around for a moment, thusly: To deny a woman this procedure is to force her through the power of government to carry and give birth. It needs to be pointed out that any woman who decides to carry to term is putting her life on the line. Countless millions of women died and still die in childbirth, pumping out their heart's blood in dark rooms after a failed attempt to bring forth another generation. The nobility, the humanity of that should not be clouded by legislating it. No government should claim the power to compel pregnancy or childbirth. The risk, the glory, the decision, is hers.

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