Steve Meyer.

Limelight shines on Denver pedicabs

Anyone who’s moseyed around downtown the past few days has surely noticed Denver’s turned into a spoke-and-handlebar town. Not only are the

Freewheelin free bikes

turning the streets into a sea of green, but Denver’s many pedicabs are out in force day and night. And in the heat and commotion, these pedal-powered taxis seem to be hot commodities. Delegates are riding them up the mall when the buses are shut down due to protests, celebs like Kanye West have been


three-wheelin’ it multiple times and even the fuzz are

reportedly using

the modern-day rickshaws to get around.

The Wall Street Journal decided it was a story worth covering, blabbing all about it in yesterday’s edition. The story notes how local entrepreneur Steve Meyer has helped build the pedicab industry in Denver and around the world – though if you want the full story on Meyer and Denver’s other pedicab prophets, go here. – Joel Warner


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