Lincoln Park asparagus is the crown jewel of Denver vegetables: Kenny Be's Hip Tip

Lincoln Park

asparagus can be grown from seeds or crowns, but the latter method respects the prestige of Lincoln Park. Home to the Santa Fe Arts District, Denver Health Hospital, West High School, Xcel Energy Zuni Generation Station and the 105-year-old Buckhorn Exchange, Lincoln Park is the crown jewel of Denver neighborhoods... As illustrated in the Denver Neighborhood Seed Company packet shown above, Lincoln Park Asparagus is best grown in the slightly saline soil that runs along the eastern edge of the South Platte River throughout north Denver. Not meant for small gardens with rotating crops, the flowering perennial thrives in the undisturbed areas of river banks and warehouse districts.

After a full year of root development, Lincoln Park Asparagus plants become prodigious producers that offer a bounty of tender delicious spears. The feathery green foliage is a graceful addition to flower arrangements, and should be cut back frequently to ensure greater productivity in the 20+ seasons ahead.

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