Lindsye Newton and friends allegedly beat man for accidentally photo bombing their selfie

People taking photos of themselves using cell phones probably happens more often these days than folks actually using the devices to call someone. (Texting, of course, is another story.) And it's nearly as commonplace for such pics to be photo bombed, either purposefully or accidentally.

It's not every day, though, when a guy is beaten unconscious for walking into a shot. But that's what the Denver DA's office believes happened in an attack involving Lindsye Newton, Bryanna Warren and Terrell Moore during let-out in LoDo.

At about 1:55 a.m. on May 11, according to Newton's arrest affidavit, on view below in its entirety, an "out crowd" was gathering on the 1400 block of Market Street, presumably after exiting a club, although no venue is specifically mentioned.

At that time, Newton is said to have been with a group of people taking a photo of themselves when the unnamed victim inadvertently strolled in the way.

His actions may seem like no big deal, but they apparently incensed Warren. In addition to arguing with him, she allegedly struck him with her fists -- and her shoes.

The man reportedly pushed Warren away and began moving in the opposite direction. But the narrative says she wasn't easily dissuaded, following along with Newton. As the argument escalated, the man pushed off again -- something that presumably angered Moore, who responding by slugging him in the head.

The affidavit notes that a nearby police officer witnessed the punch and what followed: The man fell to the ground, unconscious, after which the cop saw Newton hitting him in the face with her purse.

It didn't take long for the officer to track down Newton, who was initially accused of a fairly minor charge, public fighting. But things got more serious for her, Warren and Moore due to the extent of the man's injuries. He suffered facial fractures, intra-cranial hemorrhaging and what's described as "permanent loss of function and blindness in his right eye."

Hence, Moore has been accused of second-degree assault causing serious bodily injury, while Newton and Warren face one count each of third-degree assault on an at-risk adult; the latter designation was put in place for Newton because the man was out cold during the purse smacking. All three are out on bond, but they're expected back in court next week to be formally advised of the charges against them.

In the meantime, they don't need to worry about photos for a while -- because the City of Denver kindly captured images of each. See their mug shots below, followed by the affidavit.

Lindsye Newton Arrest Affidavit

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