Listeria hysteria avoided with cantaloupe safety guide: Kenny Be's Worst-Case Scenario

In the handy guide detailed below, the Rocky Ford Clean Melon Queen shows you how to avoid listeria contamination by following these eight easy steps to clean Colorado cantaloupes... Step 1 (below left): Always be sure to wear rubber gloves when handling ripe Colorado cantaloupes. Step 2 (above right): Immediately after purchase, wash melons with a brush and 200 ppm of bleach. Below, always wear protection when cutting melons... Step 3 (below left): Cut melon should be stored in a closable, air-tight container that is stored on a bed of ice. Step 4 (above right): Immediately wash the cutting board and knife with a brush in 200 ppm of bleach. Below, proper sterilization of your home... Step 5 (below left): Wash the counter and floor nearest the cutting board with a brush, mop and bleach. Step 6 (above right): To prevent the outbreak of listeriosis, power-wash the rest of the house with bleach. Below, proper disposal of unused portions... Step 7 (below left): After cleanup, take a break and enjoy a nice bowl of fresh Colorado cantaloupe... Step 8 (above right): Leftover portions should be packed into a biowaste box and poison control should be called for instruction on proper disposal and/or pickup.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.